Tangy Tangerine
Tangy Tangerine is the only drink on the market with a great tangerine taste with all the vitamins and minerals the body needs. Loaded with the important B vitamins!

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Tangy Tangerine Is A Powerhouse Of A Vitamin Mineral Drink Mix

This drink mix called Tangy Tangerine is probably the only vitamins and minerals that you will really need on a daily basis. It is loaded with just about all the vitamins that a person needs into one great tasting drink. Take a look at all the B Vitamins that are in this drink mix and you will see why this is such a popular product. Tangy Tangerine was popular before Alex Jones started talking about it on his radio show but now with him backing it, it has gone wild. I'm telling you the truth. I get calls from people on a daily basis saying they heard about Beyond Tangy Tangerine on his show. It's been a great ride having him on board! There are many other products in the Youngevity product line that people use on a regular basis. Pollen Burst is another favorite products of mine. In fact I often mix it with Tangy Tangerine and they compliment each other. Pollen Burst is a great anti-inflammatory plus has an orange taste which goes well with the taste of tangerine. I started mixing the two together about a year ago and now other people are following me and doing the same thing. When I read other peoples blogs and websites and see they are telling people to mix the products together I feel good about the trend I feel I started. Now that I have told you how good it taste I would now like to tell you how good it is for you.

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Tangy Tangerine - What's in this drink mix?

The best part of Tangy Tangerine are the NutraCrystals which are packed with an ORAC Value of 5745 per serving. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and is one of the ways antioxidant capacities are measured. This is a testing methodology that is used quite often to measure the antioxidants contained in various fruits, vegetables and most commonly in  the Acai Berries which have become so popular. I suggest you read up on the "free radical theory of aging" to understand these important terms. You will find many anti-aging longevity products including skin creams and serums all quote on their product labels the ORAC Value of their products as a way to address the strength that it possesses.

Tangy Tangerine and the role the B Vitamins Play

B12 is involved in the metabolism of every cell in your body as it combines with the foliate in the formation of DNA. DNA is the genetic material that is in all cells. Its needed for the synthesis and regulation of the fatty acids plus it also plays an important part of energy production. B12 helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system and is also needed for the synthesis of the red blood cells in a persons body. Studies have shown that it is needed for the growth and development of children. B12 is just one of the many important B vitamins that Tangy Tangerine has in it. The absorption rate of the B vitamins is much greater when they are in liquid form. The NutraCrystals in Tangy Tangerine play an important role in the products absorption because they dissolve so readily in water.

As we get older older our bodies ability to absorb B vitamins from the food we eat declines. Could there be a link between Alzheimer’s patients and a deficiency of b12 in a persons body? In a study that was conducted with Alzheimer's patients it was noted that their problem may be due to a deficiency of vitamin B-12 plus vitamin B-Complex in an accepted Multivitamin. We are talking about a multivitamin that is in hard capsule form. The body has a hard time absorbing B-12 when it is in a capsule form. This is why B-12 is usually taken in the form of an injection to get its maximum effect. B-12 can also be absorbed in the mouth by drinking it. B-12 in the form of a pill is almost worthless and not absorbed by the body once it is swallowed. Your nerves, skin, eyes, hair, liver, mouth, muscles, gastrointestinal tract, and brain depend on the B vitamins for proper functioning.  The B vitamins are coenzymes that are involved in energy production as stated above. B vitamins are also useful for alleviation of depression and anxiety. Below you will find the supplement facts of Tangy Tangerine. You will find that this product is loaded with the all important B-12 vitamin along with a healthy dose of most all the other vitamins and minerals the body needs to function at it optimum.

Tangy Tangerine Supplement Facts

Tangy Tangerine and all of the Youngevity Products are sold in many countries around the world. I wish I could say they are sold in all countries but they are not. Many countries have restrictions on supplements or they have very high tariffs on products coming into their country. Canada is the easiest to ship to and has the lowest shipping of the countries I have had to deal with. Shipping to the UK and Australia is also easier then many other countries but the cost can be expensive. I have tried to ship to some European countries and had no success. The shipping cost were over $100 or their customs just would not let supplements into the country. Some people will ship to other countries by them buying the products and shipping from person to person instead of shipping from company to a person. Rules in some countries allow person to person shipping with lower cost. I know a lot of people don't want to hear this but that is my experience and I wish it was different.

 Tangy Tangerine Kit

Below is about the best way to buy "Tangy Tangerine" and really all of the Youngevity products. When you become a preferred customer you save 30% off of the retail price of the products. Even with those savings I still have about 40% of the people that order pay full retail. I have a hard time figuring this one out but I guess people just figure there is a catch to becoming a preferred customer. There not!

Tangy consistently out scores the other drinks on the market that claim to be high in ORAC value.
Which would you rather be taking. Tangy Tangerine for $49.50 a month or some of the others on the chart that sell for as much as $150 a month. If you like the taste of Tang then you will probably like the taste of this product.

ORAC Score of Tangy Tangerine

After your requests and 5 years of product development, Youngevity has come out with Majestic Earth Beyond Tangy Tangerine. Majestic Earth Beyond Tangy Tangerine is an easily dissolving powder perfect for travel that contains Majestic Earth Plant Derived Youngevity Minerals, Youngevity vitamins, amino acids and 115 fruits and vegetables. This innovative, unique supplement product goes into suspension easily and dissolves instantly. Building on a foundation of our famous Beyond Juice Fruit and Veggie formulas, Youngevity has added even more nutrients to make this a balanced and complete daily supplement.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine is easy to travel with and to go through airports with since it's in powder form. This is Youngevity's most complex multi-vitamin, and you cannot buy this from any other company. In addition to the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, Beyond Tangy Tangerine also contains glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, CoQ10 and grape seed extract. It is safe for diabetics, children and people who need extra joint support. This product is not processed with heat to retain the nutritional impact. It's also perfect to mix with orange juice or Sip of Sunshine before you start your day.

  • Great Tasting Tangy Tangerine
  • Contents of 115 Fruits and Vegetables
  • Newest Technology Makes For A Highly Absorbable Product
  • 5,745 ORAC Score for each serving per Brunswick Labs
  • Very Rich and Healthy - Whole Food Goodness
  • Supports a Healthier Immune System
  • Supports the best Cardiovascular Health
  • Aids is a Healthy Digestive System
  • Rich In Antioxidants
  • Support For Optimal Health
  • No Artificial Preservatives o Sweeteners
  • Low On The Glycemic Index - Also Glycemic Friendly
  • Helps With Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • All natural & Contains No Starch, Yeast or Wheat

I hope this review on Tangy Tangerine has helped you.


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