BTT 2 Tablets


BTT 2.0 Tangy Tangerine Tablets
BTT 2.0 Tablets

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Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 Tablets deliver the most sophisticated multi-vitamin mineral complex in a brand-new, simpler to consume tablet form. Like the powder kind, BTT 2.0 Tablets contain the uppermost strengths of crucial minerals and vitamins and synergizing co-factors, ensuring your body is getting the highest quality of each important nutrient. In addition, BTT 2.0 Tablets are developed with Non-GMO and Organic Whole Food active ingredients that deliver 160000 total ORAC per serving for superior support against Free Radicals. **.

Functions Of BTT 2.0 Tablets Consist Of:

Naturally Occurring Amino Acid Complex from Organic Brown Rice.
50mg of Trans-Resveratrol in Every Serving.
Over 25 Organic Whole Foods.
Easy-to-Swallow Tablets.
Non GMO Whole Food Blend.
Gluten-Free & Shellfish-Allergen Free.
Offers Energy Boosting Nutrients **.
Supports Bone & Joint Health.
Supports a Healthy Immune System **.
Promotes Cardiovascular Health **.
Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels **.
Includes Probiotics and Prebiotics for Digestive Support **.

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As you can see, BTT 2.0 has a lot going for itself. Try it out and compare it to the Original Tangy Tangerine drink mix. If you are not into drinking your multi-vitamins and minerals, now with these tablets you can just swallow Tangy Tangerine.

BTT 2.0 Tangy Tangerine Tablets

** These declarations have actually not been evaluated by the FDA. This item is not intended to identify, treat, cure or avoid any illness.

Tangy Tangerine is a healthy vitamin and mineral drink mix.