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The CTFO CBD Business

CTFO is a Health and Wellness company with corporate offices located in Fairfield, California. They previously focused on traditional health supplements but recently rebranded to take advantage of the hemp CBD growth trends. They sell high quality natural products and are well known for their 60-day money back guarantee. Due to the fast growth of the company along with the CBD industry the company CTFO had to move to a larger corporate location in July of 2018. The company expects to see it’s growth to continue for the for-see-able future.

History Of The Founder Of The Company Stuart Finger

CTFO was founded by Stuart Finger a successful entrepreneur who started his network marketing career at the young age of 18 in 1989. He has been most active in promoting nutritional supplements over the past 25 years. This field is his passion due to his own lifelong weight struggles and his years researching what works best for optimal health. He obtained a high rank in his 1st company and top position in his 2nd. He built teams of 1000’s of people in the process. Soon after he owned and ran his own successful company for 18 yrs with hundreds of thousands of customers and tens of thousands of distributors. Mr Finger has also been involved in traditional businesses including restaurants and retail sales.

Steve Finger Co-Founder

Steve Finger is Stuart’s brother and is a CTFO Co-founder. He has been an important part of Stuart’s career and has partnered with him in family businesses. In this venture Steve is Chief Executive Officer and President of the company. Steve has 35+ yrs of sales and marketing experience to bring to the table, everything from nutrition to telecommunications. Since 1986, Steve has had a full-time income from part time work in network marketing. This has been the most rewarding for him because it has given him the opportunity to help other people earn significant incomes.History of

CTFO aka Changing The Future Outcome

After building up a large and successful Telecommunications enterprise, Stuarts interest in Health Sciences led to a change in his direction and passion. In 2007 he launched Guided by God (GBG) focusing on a high quality nutritional supplement lineup. By having a downline that could not replicate his successes he grew driven to research a large number of compensation plans in order to find something that would work for individuals new to network marketing but still offering uncapped potential income to leaders in the company.

Stuart found success by modifying the standard forced matrix to create the outcome he desired. This created a very unique pay plan which he copyrighted ensuring none of his competitors could duplicate it. Around this time Guided by God was sold for significant profits, leading to Stuart Fingers next and current venture. CTFO was originally started as a nutritional weight loss line, called “Chew The Fat Off.” Despite it’s success, the owners saw much bigger potential in an emerging industry and starting making plans for the future.

Stepping Up To The Big Time

The companies leadership team saw the potential of the untapped Cannabidiol market in its early stages. They could help better peoples health and wealth on a much larger stage and opted to switch to it’s current product lineup late 2017.

The switch ended up being the last piece to the puzzle. The companies copyrighted compensation plan, the combined marketing experience of all the owners, along with their passion for wellness had taken them so far, but the move to hemp based products is what brought it all together and took the company to the next level. Now know as Changing The Future Outcome, the company grew significantly in 2018 and is expecting huge growth in 2019 due to the anticipated industry growth.

Changing The Future Outcome embraces the entrepreneurial spirit and is committed to expansion while still focusing on changing people’s lives for the better through wellness and income. Stuart Finger recognized the huge potential of a new industry and has made it possible for everyday people to benefit from a market that would otherwise be near impossible to get into.

CTFO CBD Oil Home Business Opportunity –

Since the signing of the new farm bill, which removed hemp as a scheduled drug the industry analysts “The Brightfield Group” have revamped their figures and now estimate the industry will grow to $22 billion by 2022. The Brightfield Group have also commented that they believe the Cannabidiol sector will pass up marijuana in the long run.

There is still much confusion around the CBD oil extracted from hemp due to it being confused with it’s cousin marijuana. Both are part of the cannabis family but they have some distinct differences, the biggest being the THC content. THC is the psychoactive portion of marijuana responsible for getting you high. Hemp has almost no amounts of THC but lots of cannabidiol. As the stigma is removed we expect the market growing at a very high rate, many say an unbelievable rate of growth. Research is proving its value, incredible testimonies and reviews are being published, and the laws are changing.

CTFO is a once in a lifetime, ground floor opportunity and is a brilliant way to do the CBD business. It ia a well-established health and wellness company, there are ZERO start up costs associated with joining, their products are affordable and priced to the market, and buying products is not required to receive 20% commissions on direct sales. Additionally you are provided a FREE personalized websites to help with your marketing efforts, as well as all the information required to promote their amazing product line.

It’s the perfect business for those willing to step up and be pioneers in the field. You’re In The Right Place At The Right Time, you just need to take that first step and hit one of the buttons below or click here. CTFO might just change your life.