Online Property Management

When comparing online property management software solutions, you discover two fundamentals quickly: Each of them are able to take a lease payment, and all them have branched off in various directions. All of these are currently trying to guess exactly what it is that you, the property manager, will probably want to do along with taking a payment. It is not always my design to go over all these directions, but instead to consider a couple of these revolutionary things that one online property management software, Resident Map, has contemplated in defining itself as an innovative leader in the property management market.

The Resident Map
The first invention is a patent-pending technologies that Resident Map is currently introducing. It is the capability to see and manage your own neighborhood from a map of their community . Mobile home parks, apartment buildings, storage components storefronts, and office buildings are manageable through this interface.
The resident map, a Flash program with numerous options available for each area, is a map of this community or building supplied by the owner of this property and enhanced with Resident Map’s patent-pending technologies to transform it into a management tool. It eliminates the need for hunting through pages and pages of names or for using a search tool. It places the information and the navigation for the majority of your endeavors on one page, and it does so in a means that makes it simple to use and intuitive, even for the novice computer user.

Automation of Charges
Another benefit that sets this software is that Resident Map has is the ability not only to manage the month to month charges but it also allows the property manager the capability to manage the events responsible for those fees. The automation of fees includes, but is not limited to, automatic late fees, utility reads and prices, rent raises, notices for delinquency, non-sufficient fund (NSF) fees, and mortgage and amortization schedules. Managing all of these in one place, rather than importing them from an assortment of third party solutions, keeps the managing of those monthly charges much easier by placing them all in 1 spot and providing a easy-to-use interface for managing them. Very few packages available on the market provide more than just one or two of these, but Resident Map offers all of them.

This was only meant as a little sampling to interest property managers in what is accessible from Resident Map, the most advanced online property management tool that can be found on the marketplace. To acquire a more in-depth look at a number of the very used property management alternatives available, visit this URL.

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